Shift in technology pattern and quest for talented resources with in short span of time has become the need of hour. When a company is looking to fill up a flexible way Post recession most of the clients have opted for contractual staffing because of the global factors which had direct impact on their employees during recession. Secondly availability of quality resources in given TAT has gained momentum for contract staffing. With start and end date limited to specific need of organisation, more and more clients are opting because of project limitations and dynamics involved, most importantly clients gets huge pool of talented resources who can be deployed in short notice. Contract staffing normally takes place between client, Agency (staffing company) & Job seeker for specific Job at client’s location. It’s a three way relationship. The Client provides the work, staffing firm handles its associates with service to client.


The demand for contract staffing is increasing YoY due to its own merits and traditionally the importance of Permanent Jobs in India is changing towards Contract Staffing. Job Seekers in India are showing interest for Contract staffing due to accessibility to different technologies, clients and work culture they get to know within short span of time, which otherwise is not possible. Pay structure in contracting is normally high when compared to perm employees and this is one of the factor which is helping job seekers to look at this option.


Unlike contract staffing, flexi staffing is more of need based with quick turnout starting from couple of hours per day to weeks as per the project demand. The concept of flexi staffing is yet to gain importance considering its dynamics but this is really useful for critical projects when needed experts solutions. Most of the industry experts are of opinion that flexi staffing is the future of staffing. Indian is next to china & US in terms of flexi staffing with over 12.3 million people across Govt & Pvt sectors.

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